1. Corporate

Given a depth of our experience, our team has capacity to provide a full range corporate legal services. With an excellent understanding of both local and international business and huge experience Raznatovic, Ognjanovic & Partners advise our clients on various legal corporate matters. Our extensive experience in all areas of corporate law enables us to provide corporate support in any area. 

 2. Banking& Finance

Our experience in banking& finance matters is acquired through our work within the demanding regulatory local environment. Our practical approach and comprehensive understanding of the frequently- changing legislative framework enable us to deal with different Foreign exchange law issues, such as: corporate lending from both local and international enterprises/commercial banks, cross-border financing transactions on a daily basis, etc.

 3.  Commercial

In order to respond to the challenging market conditions today and to provide an integrated service to the client we are fully on with the latest developments and ready to meet all the client's needs.

4. Employment

Our team of the lawyers is able to provide a full service dealing with all aspects of the employment relationship (preparation of employment contracts, amendments, rulings, decisions and advising on various law requirements: discrimination, paid leave, working time reallocation, sick leave, termination of employment relationship, redundancy lay- offs, mobbing and harassment at work, temporary hire of employees, etc.), including handling of foreign citizens employment issues. Given that our experience was acquired through our work for the employers from different business fields and with significant number of employees,  we are ready to respond to each issue our client deals with, having in mind the sensitive nature of the relationship between employer and employee. 

 5. Real Estate and other property rights

Our team of the lawyers provides wide range of the legal services which relate to real- estate and other property rights, including advising, preparation of the contracts, tax treatments, mortgage and other encumbrances, registration and
related disputes.

 6. Intellectual property law issues

Raznatovic, Ognjanovic& Partners are skilled to provide services that relate to registration and protection of the intellectual property rights (trademarks, designs, topographies of integrated circuits, patents and copyrights).

 7. Tax law

Raznatovic, Ognjanovic& Partners offer a wide range of taxation services: tax treatments, tax compliance and tax litigation. 

 8. Dispute resolution

With the highest ethical standards and taking care of the client's integrity, Raznatovic, Ognjanovic& Partners offer resolving of the disputes and ensure the highest level of expertise in all areas of commercial dispute resolution.